Mutual Ministry

The verb “to minister” means to give service, care, or aid. The concept of mutual ministry envisions a small group that provides service, care, or aid to the ministry staff on behalf of the congregation AND provides service, care, or aid to the congregation on behalf of the ministry staff. 


The need for service, care, and aid differs between the ministry staff and the congregation.

  • The congregation is conceived here as the collective, not individual members of the congregation. It is the collective need of the congregation for service, care, or aid that is attended to by the MMC, not that of individual members.
  • The individual member’s ministry needs are, in fact, attended to by the ministry staff in a direct and personal way.
  • The ministry staff are a focal group within the congregation, they themselves expending tremendous efforts to minister to the congregation, thus their need for service, care, or aid may be great.

The Mutual Ministry Team is meant to minister mutually:

  • to the ministry staff as a way to assure good ministry within your congregation.
  • with the ministry staff to assure good ministry among your members.