Confirmation Ministry

Holy Spirit hosts a strong and diverse youth ministry encompassing the young at heart from Grade 3 to Young Adults.  Our youth ministry includes:



Grades 7-9 youth who attend weekly classes to discuss, question, experience, and learn about their faith. Holy Spirit runs a three year program. We focus on the Bible, the Small Catechism and Faith in teachings and practice. At the end of their confirmation program, a youth will write a short statement of faith that will be shared with the congregation and we celebrate Confirmation on Reformation Sunday when youth affirm their faith.



For Youth Grades 7-12, our vision is to build up a Christ-centered youth community. We meet at least once a month and celebrate fellowship, work on building community or towards social justice, learn about a relevant topic, raise money or awareness for an important issue, spend time in service or worship, and travel to youth gatherings on at city, synod, and national level. Contact the office to find out what is happening this month.


Synod & National Youth Gatherings

Each year we join with youth from our community to head to a gathering. Odd years are Synod gatherings in May, now held in partnership with our Lutheran Camps (Mulhurst, Kuirokas, and Hastings) where we gather to get to know youth in our area. These gatherings are more cozy and relaxed and we have a great time learning, working, and getting to know each other. National events take place on the even years. Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth (CLAY) gatherings help us look at the bigger picture, get to know Lutheran and Anglican youth from across the country, hear amazing speakers, and work on putting our faith back into action when we return home.


Check out our Events Calendar for all the upcoming youth events.  If you are interested in any of our youth programs or have questions, please contact church staff at